About Us

Sharon, Stainer, Zilber & Co. – CPAs, was established in 1973 by Yerachmiel Sharon and BenyStainer. Over the years, Yaniv Zilber and Yogev Zilber joined the team, and led the firm to the top 50 largest CPA companies.

The partners’ many years of experience in the business world of Israel gives us the ability to provide quality, professional and personal service in a quick manner, in all relevant business fields.

The firm provides a wide range of accounting and taxation services with expertise and professionalism, designed to meet the needs and demands of all of our clients.

Our accounting services include:

  • Audit services for the private sector.
  • Preparation of income tax reports for companies and self-employed individuals.
  • Internal audit services for public and private companies.
  • Internal control services and SOX implementation for public companies.
  • Accounting services for the public and municipal sectors. Our firm was appointed by the Ministry of Interior to conduct audits in local authorities.
  • Financial and economic consulting.
  • Accompaniment in the promotion of companies, partnerships and trusts.
  • Business plans, valuations, risk surveys, and recovery programs for companies.
  • Tax planning, international taxation services, voluntary disclosure, and representation before the tax authorities.
  • The firm is registered and performs audits for the State Comptroller’s Office.
  • The firm is registered in the consultants’ database of the Israeli Courts Administration, and provides opinions and valuations.

Sharon, Stainer, Zilber& Co. – CPAs provides accounting services to large, medium and small customers from a wide range of fields, such as: factories, insurance companies, Internet companies, retail companies, law firms, etc.

The most prominent advantage of our firm is the personal service we provide our customers, in every step of the way – from starting a small business, to expanding into a medium or large one.

The firm provides a wide range of services throughout the country from two offices. A head office in Tel Aviv, and the Shfela office, which is located in Rehovot.

The firm contributes to the community in several ways:

  • Probono activity in the field of accounting, taxation, and business consultation.
  • Monetary donation to organizations and institutions.